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A year of national service before, during or after college will better prepare our students to complete their degrees, secure meaningful employment and become lifelong engaged citizens, write E. The next generation of young Americans is in need of a change. They face unprecedented pressure to follow a defined path to success. All the while, many have grown increasingly unsure that higher education institutions have a positive impact on the country.

And for those people who do view college positively, the cost of earning a college degree is often far out of reach. As college and university presidents, it is our responsibility to ensure that students and their families view higher education as a realistic and affordable option for all students as they prepare for their futures. We strongly believe a year of national service before, during or after college will better prepare our students to complete their degrees, secure meaningful employment and become lifelong engaged citizens.

Service years in higher education have the power to attract top talent, invigorate education, boost work-force development and pave pathways to success for graduates -- all while bridging the deep divisions in society by allowing students to spend a year serving alongside people of different backgrounds.

This past year, almost AmeriCorps members worked in this summer reading and nutrition program for children living in rural communities throughout West Virginia. Through The Collaborative, we can expand our impact in several areas -- for example, disaster relief, the veteran community and engaged scholarship -- as members work with local partners to alleviate poverty.

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Miami Dade is committed to being a leader in innovative ways to solve common challenges facing our students. And the Talloires Network, founded at Tisch College, supports more than higher education institutions in 75 countries across the globe in providing community-based opportunities for their students. Retired U. He states that by empowering these young people to solve issues in their community, we are in turn giving them the skills and confidence they need to solve their own similar problems in their educations and future careers.

We could not agree more. These service year experiences are shaping our students into more active citizens and leaders, while also making a tremendous difference in our local communities and helping our colleges and universities fulfill our commitment to better engage in those communities.

That is why we have joined more than higher education leaders to call on Congress to expand national service opportunities with programs like AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps and YouthBuild.

We are particularly concerned about funding for AmeriCorps, which not only supports national service opportunities like those on our campuses but also rewards students who complete their year of service with money to invest in higher education or to pay back student loans.

At a time when our students are eager to take their futures into their own hands, embracing national service on our campuses is the least we in higher education can do to deliver on our promises of providing students with the best educational opportunities possible.

We encourage all college and university leaders to follow our footsteps by signing on to our letter to Congress and joining us in calling on Congress to increase funding for AmeriCorps and other national service programs. Embracing a service year is a step in the right direction toward securing the confidence of our next generation of students.

Gordon Gee is president of West Virginia University. Anthony P. Monaco is president of Tufts University. Be the first to know. Get our free daily newsletter.Service is good and should be encouraged. Few Americans would disagree. The resulting vibrant civil society was very different from the enervating monarchies and aristocracies that still dominated Europe. This service was voluntary and decentralized. It was not organized or directed, and certainly not mandated, by government. But support for compulsion has increased.

That matches the growing role of government over the last century and more. Hence support for making service, however defined, mandatory for American young people. However, mandatory universal national service fails essential philosophical and practical tests. President Teddy Roosevelt epitomized this age. Still venerated today by many, he was an unabashed imperialist and persistent advocate of taking America into war in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Radical Randolph Bourne urged forcing young men and women to provide two years of service before the age of Defense secretary Robert McNamara advocated tying civilian service to the draft in the early s. Proposals continued fast and furious. His heart appeared to lie with mandatory universal national service. Declared the Committee report in International comparisons also fire some American imaginations.

Castro fought illiteracy and mosquitoes in Cuba with units of youth. All of these tasks sounded useful, but all of them, other than, perhaps, painting darkened buildings, already were being performed by someone somewhere.

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None are persuasive. The philosophical claims tend toward the collectivist, conflicting with principles underlying American history going back to the Revolution. The practical assumptions run against the experience of large government programs irrespective of their idealized objectives. Advocates of MUNS typically view selfishness as ascendant and public spiritedness in retreat. Much can and has been written about the state of American values today.The philosopher defined many technicalities that served to help you gain by developing, teaching, and public and private secondary, tertiary and graduate in spring sounds more tenuous than I ever got a helene tucker, a light-complexioned little girl in our search for the creation of the ordinary.

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Bullying is wrong.Malaysian government has taken a great step, as national service is compulsory in Teenagers who are year-old next year will be chosen randomly for national service. However, I think that some alteration is still needed in this process.

Nowadays, many countries around the globe have compulsory national service. Generally, national service is good for everybody. However, some may not will to go. Since the government chooses the members for national service, there are some who are not preferred to take place in it. On the other hand, there are individual which are too interested in national service. So, it would be better if the government give preference to who are really interested so that they"ll work harder.

Thus, public outlook should be considered in this contemporary democratic society. National service can bring many advantages to the community and also for the nation.

First and foremost, it can help bring unity among different races especially in Malaysia. There will be a close contact among each other during their training period.

Mandatory National Service

Therefore, national service can also play a main role in bringing unity among citizens. Moreover, national service also is the way to get disciplined. As everybody knew, national service training is very hard and strict in discipline. Throughout the training, they will learn to be punctual and manage their time properly.

In addition, they will also learn to live independently. As a result, national service can also be a disciplinary tool to someone who participates in it. Last but not least, through constant and dedicated training, national service can make an individual healthy, both physically and mentally.We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Categories Service. Views Essay, Pages 2 words. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

It taught me life lessons that cannot be learned inside the four walls of our classroom. It taught how I can serve my country in my own little way.

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It taught me that in helping others, no matter how small we think it may be, could make a big difference and impact to other people. As months passed by, I unexpectedly start to love LTS. I learned the basics in first-aid and disaster risk reduction management. We went to a school in Samal Bataan for two Saturdays for our fieldwork. There I met a lot of grade six students which I immediately became friends with. We prepared art work projects, science experiments, played charades for their enjoyment while at the same time making sure that they are learning from the activities.

We were assigned to review them for the upcoming National Achievement Test. I was assigned to two students which I admit was pretty challenging at first because I am a shy person and I am not really patient when it comes to teaching others so having to teach two grade six students was really hard for me.

Verified writer. It definitely made me step out of my comfort zone. I was pretty sad after our field work because I was already attached to my two students. So before we parted ways, we gave each other a little something so that we would not forget each other and promised to meet again someday. Over-all, LTS taught me three things: patience, deeper appreciation in life, and valuing education more.

First, I learned how to be patient in terms of teaching my students.

essay of national service

They have different personalities so I have to extend my patience and be more flexible when it comes to teaching them. Second is deeper appreciation in life. I realized that I am more than blessed because I get to study in a good university while others are struggling hard financially just to attend school every day.

I also learned to value education more. Accessed December 16, Download paper Categories Service Download paper EssayPages 2 words.The essays on the Boren Awards application are critical to the selection process for Boren Scholars and Fellows. The Boren Awards application process does not have a semi-finalist or interview phase, so everything an applicant would want the selection committee to know should be stated clearly in the essays and other application materials.

Before beginning drafts of the essays, Boren Awards applicants are advised to review the official selection criteria. These include both program design criteria explained in greater detail on the Selecting an Eligible Study Program section of the website, as well as forming the basis for the essay prompts discussed below. In addition to reviewing the guidance below, applicants can boost their chances of success by watching Boren Awards webinars relevant to their proposed programs and working with their Boren Awards campus representatives early and often throughout the application cycle.

Researching Federal Careers.

essay of national service

The first essay on both the Boren Scholarships and Boren Fellowships applications has a maximum length of words. The essay should be single-spaced, except where spaces are used to separate paragraphs recommended. The prompt for the first essay is:.

NSTP or National Service Training Program

Explain the significance of your proposed country, region, and language to U. The Boren Awards recognize a broad definition of national security, but you should make a specific, detailed, and focused argument. The Boren Awards give preference to geographic areaslanguagesand fields of study deemed critical to U. Applicants proposing study programs that meet those preferences are encouraged to focus their first essay on specific topic s related to their academic interests and professional goals.

The relevance of those topics to the national security of the United States should be made clear throughout the first essay. The Boren Awards employ a broad definition of national security that encompasses not only the traditional concepts of national defensediplomacyand intelligence matters, but also any topics addressing the challenges facing global society. These include, but are not limited to :. The bottom line of the first essay is to argue why U. Applicants should not feel compelled to make their arguments on topics outside the scope of their academic study.

The essay should be written for an educated, generalist audience, avoiding unnecessary subject-specific jargon. Applicants are encouraged to employ persuasive facts and figures in their essay, but these should be easily verifiable.

Lengthy quotations, footnotes, or parenthetical citations are not recommended or necessary. Applicants may extend the scope of their national security argument beyond the country and language they are proposing to study. Applicants need not discuss their career plans or research methodology in detail in the first essay, as these are addressed elsewhere in the application. The national security argument made in the first essay should nevertheless complement, not contradict, the career plan described in the second essay.

The second essay has a maximum length of words for the Boren Scholarships application, and words for Boren Fellowships application. The prompt for the second essay is:. Please discuss the following points in one integrated essay, giving equal attention to each point.

You can discuss the points in any order. The purpose of the second essay is twofold: it is an opportunity for applicants to describe their preparation for long-term, immersive overseas study, and to convince selection panelists of their motivation for and commitment to careers in public service.

National Service

Although no prior international experience is required for the Boren Awards, the essay should assure selection panelists that the applicant is prepared for the challenges inherent to long-term study and life in a foreign context.

Preference in selection for the Boren Awards will be given to applicants who demonstrate a longer-term commitment to government service than the one-year federal service requirement.

It is therefore critical that Boren Awards applicants research career opportunities relevant to their academic interests in the federal government to inform their second essay.In the world today, there is approximately fifty percent of countries that mandate their citizens to serve in their military for an extended period of time. Those countries that do require their citizens to serve base it on the simple fact that they need to be ready for war at a moments notice and if all their citizens know how to fight they will succeed in any battle in which they are placed.

Military Service Should be Mandatory Americans, especially baby boomers, should be ashamed of themselves.

National Service

How can the world's richest population let its military go begging for recruits? Each year, the military services -- Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy -- establish recruiting goals to maintain adequate numbers of personnel. The numbers change annually depending on, among other factors, service needs, recruitment figures the year before and retention of current troops. Most informed folks. Mandatory Military Service Military service should be mandatory for all American citizens.

In lighter terms we could refer to it as the All American Selective Service Act, which will require all Americans to register for Selective Service as equal partners in the defense of America Rangel.

The average person, at one point or another, considers what they are going to do with their lives. The military has something to offer everyone. Deciding what to do with your life can be filled with uncertainty. Fighting for the homeland means fighting for freedom, but how can men defend their country against enemies if they lack of the ability to fight? Conscription is strategy that utilized by nations to assemble a large and powerful military, prepared to be deployed in times of war or when the need to ensure the power of the state emerges.

Mostly, conscription is for male and in some cases and some countries have also for women, and usually begins.

essay of national service

Most of my friends who are over 18 have already finished the military service and some are still training in the army.

In South Korea, most of people, including me, think two years of military service is useless. There are three reasons why it is a good-for-nothing. My first reason for denying military service.

essay of national service

In the United States, people either volunteer or get drafted into the military. By forcing people into the military, puts reluctant people into the military. There are several reasons why military commitment should not be required. Some reasons are volunteers, compromises military service, not everyone is it for the military, and it interferes with others.

Some propose that the United States should adopt a similar policy.