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Drug deaths in America, which fell for the first time in 25 years inrose to record numbers in and are continuing to climb, a resurgence that is being complicated and perhaps worsened by the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly 72, Americans died from drug overdoses last year, according to preliminary data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — an increase of 5 percent from Deaths from drug overdoses remain higher than the peak yearly death totals ever recorded for car accidents, guns or AIDS, and their acceleration in recent years has pushed down overall life expectancy in the United States.

It looks as if will be even worse. Drug deaths have risen an average of 13 percent so far this year over last year, according to mortality data from local and state governments collected by The New York Times, covering 40 percent of the U. But those declines appear to have been overrun by continued increases in deaths from illicit drugs, particularly methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl.

In Shadow of Pandemic, U.S. Drug Overdose Deaths Resurge to Record

Trump and Congress have provided several billion dollars in grants to states since for treatment, prevention and recovery services, expanding access to buprenorphine treatment in particular.

But at the same time, the administration has continued fighting in court to overturn the Affordable Care Act, a law that has allowed states to expand Medicaid and provide free addiction treatment to low-income adults. Many local officials have also worked hard to reduce drug use, prevent overdose deaths and help get more drug users into recovery. Naloxone, an overdose-reversing medication, has been broadly distributed in recent years. Syringe exchange programs have been expanded, as well as coverage of addiction treatment through state Medicaid programs.

States have also moved to limit prescriptions of opioid medications. But drug deaths have still reached a record high. Brad Finegood, the strategic adviser on opioids and other drugs for the Seattle and King County Public Health Department, said his office had invested substantially in reducing overdose deaths from opioids, particularly by getting more opioid users access to medication-assisted therapies.

He said he was saddened to see rising deaths from overdoses, particularly among people who are using both opioids and stimulants like methamphetamine. Dan Ciccarone, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, who studies the opioid epidemic. Fentanyl had been confined mostly to New England and other parts of the East, where it was generally found as an adulterant in powdered heroin.

But in recent years, fentanyl and other potent synthetic opioids have been blamed for an increasing number of overdose deaths in California, Arizona and other Western states. Most of the heroin in the Western United States is in a form known as black tar: a sticky substance that is less easily combined with powdered adulterants like fentanyl.

For the most part, this has kept fentanyl out of the heroin supply in the West. But, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, increasing numbers of counterfeit pills containing fentanyl — often falsely marketed as oxycodone or other opioid painkillers — are appearing in these states, contributing to a surge in overdoses.

In addition, according to Alex Kral, an epidemiologist at RTI International, a nonprofit research firm, many opioid users are turning to fentanyl intentionally, using it to supplement or entirely replace heroin.

Nationally, there are now fewer deaths involving heroin than either meth or cocaine, a striking change that has taken place over the last two years as heroin has all but disappeared from some regions. Fentanyl deaths are also increasing in several states that had experienced reductions in overdose deaths over all in Much of the national decline in came in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania, all states with fentanyl in the opioid supply.

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Deaths in Ohio and Florida rebounded in Some cities continued to see a rise in fatal overdoses among Black and Hispanic residents last year. In St. Louis and adjacent St. Louis County, opioid-related deaths rose by 17 percent among Black men even as they dropped by 8 percent over all. And in Philadelphiawhere overdose deaths among white people fell by 3 percent inthey rose by 14 percent among Black people and by 24 percent among Hispanic residents.In the first three months of the year, The New York Times Company added more digital subscribers than it had gained during any quarter since it started charging readers for online content in But that increase was driven by widespread interest in news of the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the U.

Many of those readers bought subscriptions. The company reported on Wednesday that it had nettednew digital subscriptions during the quarter.

The majority —— were for the core news product, and the remainingwere for other digital products, including apps like Cooking and Crossword. At the end of March, The Times had more than five million digital subscribers, a high. Of those, there were 3. The total number of subscriptions, including those to the print newspaper, stood at 5, Overall subscription revenue rose 5.

By the end of April, into the second quarter, the company noted in a news release, the number of total digital and print subscriptions had surpassed six million. In keeping with a trend that has affected other news organizations during the pandemic, The Times attracted new readers while the money it brought in from advertising plummeted.

Digital ad revenue declined 7. Looking ahead, the chief executive, Mark Thompson, said ad revenue would continue to fall by as much as 55 percent in the second quarter. But he predicted that the subscription business would bolster the company.

Thompson said in a statement on Wednesday. Despite the bleak forecast for ad revenue, Mr. In a call with investors Wednesday, Mr. Thompson promised some cost-cutting that would most likely include job losses. We will continue to invest in that strategy, and to hire both in journalism and engineering, data and the other digital product functions. The Times has grown more reliant on subscriptions than advertising on Mr.

Wall Street has rewarded that strategy, and the pandemic has accelerated it. Thompson said in the statement. Adjusted operating costs rose 3.By Christina Morales and Natasha Frost.

Before this year, Wesley Yang had never celebrated with a real Christmas tree.

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Growing up, his family deemed it an inconvenience. But stuck at home this season, Mr. As many people stay home for the holiday season, planning smaller celebrations as they seek some joy during the coronavirus pandemic, Americans like Mr.

Yang seem to be driving up demand for Christmas trees. Families are trying to make the most of whatever experiences remain safe this holiday season, like going outside to pick out a tree together and decorating it, said Jennifer Greene, the executive director of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association, which represents a state that harvests more than 4.

National sales data is hard to find, but across the country Christmas tree grower associations say that retailers are running through their tree supplies quickly and that growers are reporting a big increase in sales. In Michigan, farmers have seen as much as a 50 percent increase, said Amy Start, the executive director of the Michigan Christmas Tree Association.

If the trend holds, it will be the best year we ever had. Even artificial tree companies like Balsam Hill say they are having a banner year.

A survey conducted over the summer of more than 2, adults by TRUE Global Intelligence found that more than half of the respondents said the pandemic had strengthened their desire to spend money on experiences rather than gifts this year. Three-quarters of the respondents considered real Christmas trees to be an experience, rather than a product. With such a high demand for Christmas trees, some worry that it may be harder for some Americans to find trees later in the month.

The industry is still reeling from the economic recessionwhen customers bought fewer items. Growers then cut down fewer trees, which left less space for seedlings that would have made the market more abundant about a decade later.

The New York Times Tops 6 Million Subscribers as Ad Revenue Plummets

Christmas tree sales are booming as pandemic-weary Americans seek solace. Covid Giuliani Tests Positive for Coronavirus. Home Page World Coronavirus U.Everyone has his or her own definition of a political crisis. Mine is when our collective mental health starts having a profound effect on our politics — and vice versa.

increase rapidly the new york times

It cannot be a simple coincidence that the two have declined in tandem. The American Psychiatric Association reported that from tothe proportion of adults who described themselves as more anxious than the previous year was 36 percent. Inmore than 17 million American adults had at least one major depressive episode, as did three million adolescents ages 12 to Forty million adults now suffer from an anxiety disorder — nearly 20 percent of the adult population.

These are the known cases of depression and anxiety. The actual numbers must be dumbfounding. The really sorrowful reports concern suicide. Among all Americans, the suicide rate increased by 33 percent between and All of this mental carnage is occurring at a time when decades of social and political division have set against each other black and white, men and women, old and young.

Beyond bitter social antagonisms, the country is racked by mass shootings, the mind-bending perils of the internet, revelations of widespread sexual predation, the worsening effects of climate change, virulent competition, the specter of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, grinding student debt and crises in housing, health care and higher education.

The frightening environment helps cause depression, depression causes catastrophic thinking, and catastrophic thinking makes the environment seem even more terrifying than it is. Out of this dark cast of mind arose the hunger for a strong, avenging figure whose arrival has sent even more mentally harrowing shock waves through society.

If President Trump is indeed mentally ill, as so many of his critics claim, he may well be the most representative leader we have ever had.

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Yet as everyone whose mind is in jeopardy knows, it is not sufficient to speak about mental illness in general, abstract terms. I would not have sat down to write this if I had not been tormented over the past few years by my own individual challenges, including frequent thoughts of suicide.

The Worst Virus Outbreaks in the U.S. Are Now in Rural Areas

Even today, the idea of jumping off a bridge or swallowing a lethal amount of pills enters my mind and holds me in its grip. But with the exception of one morning a year and a half ago, when the effects of the withdrawal from the Valium that I had been taking nightly for 18 months were so overpowering that I nearly stepped in front of a subway train, my fantasies of killing myself have been just that: dreams of escape that would obliterate my pain without ending my life.

Along with visits to a therapist — since my experience with Valium, I have refused for now to take psychiatric medication — I have my own coping strategies. The seven notes between them correspond to the seven colors of a rainbow. Thus the song musically embodies the leap from unfulfilling Kansas to the enchanted world of Oz. Particular instances that make it possible for me to climb out of despair I imagine as pitons, the iron spikes mountain climbers drive into rock to ascend, sometimes hand over hand.

Work is a piton. The enjoyment of art is a piton. Showing kindness to another person is a piton. Helping to raise our two children — our son is 13 — is the strongest piton of them all.

Freud famously said that depression was anger turned inward.

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We know now that depression is a result of numerous factors: social environment, economic pressure, cognitive misreading, a random event, trauma, neurobiology and genes. Like anyone who has confronted depression, I know that this is, first and foremost, my challenge, unique to my life.

And yet the line between the self and all the external forces that continually shape and reshape the self is blurrier than we like to believe.

There are very particular external factors that make their way into my head and impel me toward thoughts of taking my own life. There is the constant, relentless, unremitting financial triage as our financial obligations slowly overwhelm our means of meeting them. To say that there is less use for a year-old white male unless you happen to be running for president these days is not to devalue the social transformations that are rapidly occurring in the age of Trump.

You can hail necessary social change and complain about being, to some degree, a casualty of it, both at the same time.

increase rapidly the new york times

In this way, I view myself — and imagine others — caught in a double bind. My depression springs from my biology, my biography, my choices.

But it occurs within a far broader context that could bring just about anyone down, and apparently does.The coronavirus was slow to come to Foster County, N. When virus cases surged in the Northeast in the spring, the county recorded just one positive case. When national case counts peaked in mid-July, it had recorded just two more.

But by Tuesday, about one in every 20 residents had tested positive for the virus. More than half of those cases were reported in the past two weeks. Most of the worst outbreaks in the United States right now are in rural places like Foster County. Where earlier peaks saw virus cases concentrated mainly in cities and suburbs, the current surge is the most geographically dispersed yetand it is hitting hard remote counties that often lack a hospital or other critical health care resources.

Since late summer, per capita case and death rates in rural areas have outpaced those in metropolitan areas. The total number of coronavirus cases and deaths in rural places remains smaller than those in cities because of the comparatively low population in rural areas. But the rural share of the virus burden has grown over time. Now, about one in four deaths from the virus is recorded in a rural county.

That stands in contrast to March and April, when almost every death was in a metropolitan area, as the virus tore through the Northeast, after early clusters in the Seattle area and populous parts of California. These maps show the case rates in rural areas at different points of the national outbreak:. During the summer surge, rural outbreaks occurred more often than they had in the spring, but reported cases per million remained higher in cities and their suburbs than in rural counties.

It was not until August, when the outbreak was receding from Sun Belt cities like Houston, Miami and Phoenix that per capita rates of cases and deaths in rural areas surpassed those in metropolitan areas. Almost all the counties with the largest outbreaks have populations under 50, and most have populations under 10, Nearly all are in the Midwest or the Mountain West.

In Norton County, Kan.

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A state prison in the county also has an outbreak. Hospitals across the Upper Midwest and the Mountain West are also feeling the surge. Facilities are struggling with capacity, and in some cases residents are finding that the nearest hospital with available beds is hours away, or in another state. Earlier this month, hospitals in North Dakota had to turn patients away.

Overwhelmed by the record case numbers, North Dakota suspended its contact tracing program this week. And Alaska, which is experiencing record numbers, provides a cautionary tale: Even with extensive testing and robust contact tracing, the virus is poised to thrive as temperatures drop and people move activities indoors.

An earlier version of a map in this story showed data from July 19, an earlier peak for average daily virus cases in the United States. It has been updated with data from July 25, the peak to date. The Worst Virus Outbreaks in the U. Are Now in Rural Areas. Deaths SurpassF. New reported cases by day in the United States, 7-day average.

Rural areas. Metro areas. March 1.You can do this. With lots of practice, of course. And maybe some chocolate.

And leave a lot of time to finish it. There might be some crying. Also, you definitely need to think outside the box for these, which is a skill that admittedly takes some time to develop. But otherwise, you should be good to go. And then people yell at me on Twitter because they are either or both of the following:.

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Incensed that the puzzle is a rebuswhich they might not have seen before, or 2. Incensed that the puzzle is not a rebus, and is, in fact, something entirely different that they have never encountered. In this puzzle by Jeff Chen we have the second gripe, although some solvers might have assumed that this tough theme was a rebus. I know I did, mainly because of the difficulty I had getting started and the swearing that resulted from the twists and turns in his grid.

But ultimately, I really enjoyed this one. There is a lot of wordplay in these clues, so you all are on your own. Just kidding! I am not covering all the clues that involve wordplay, but following is a selection of clues that made an impression on me.

They have so many styles that I suppose that could be one of many. The short version of the story is that you are not, in fact, losing it. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to figure out what that weird thing is, as Mr. I dropped a big hint there. We could try writing very small in some of the squares. The answer lies up those three diagonal black squares in Mr.Despite an impressive start to Premier League life, David Wagner's side are currently on a four-game losing streak with many believing home form will be crucial in deciding their top-flight fate.

A chastening run of three away games in the last four has exposed defensive frailty and, especially at Everton, a lack of ideas going forward. In comparison, the home crowd roared Town to a win over Manchester United and nearly helped hold champions-elect Manchester City, so Brighton will have their work cut out to force a result. Below Sports Writer Tom Harle brings you everything you need to know ahead of the game. A brief highlights package will be available to Sky subscribers on the Score Centre app from 5:15pm, before BBC's Match of the Day at 22:30.

Extended highlights of the clash, which will be shown in 68 countries around the world, will be on Sky Sports Premier League from 22:30. Fans will be shivering in the stands, with the temperature set to feel like -3, while you can also expect rain from kick-off.

Boss David Wagner will have all the information he needs to deal with the threat of Brighton dangerman Pascal Gross. Philip Billing and Jon Gorenc Stankovic remain sidelined, while Michael Hefele has been back out on the grass this week. As you might expect from a Hughton outfit, Brighton have been quietly going about their business and can be happy with their start to life in the top flight. Despite a 5-1 reverse to Liverpool in their last outing, their defensive record of seven goals shipped in as many away games puts Town to shame.

This record will be tested over the Christmas period with trips to Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, so they will see Huddersfield as a good chance to bag points. These two have been familiar foes of late and will have faced each other in all but one of the last 11 seasons.

Traina Thoughts: Of course you can bet on O. Simpson, who went to jail for kidnapping and robbery and not for killing two people, has his parole hearing on Thursday, which you can watch live on ESPN.

As with any big event that takes place these days, you can make some money if you'd like to place a wager on the outcome. Offshore betting websites, 5Dimes.

My personal handicapping opinion would be to parlay Simpson being denied parole with Michael Phelps beating a shark. Who will win the race between Michael Phelps and the Great White Shark.

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman shared this very cool letter that he recently received from an old college professor. It's stunning that it's taken this long, but one New York tabloid is already turning on Yankees star, Aaron Judge. New York Post 5. Colts offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo doesn't follow me on Twitter, but I feel like he must have seen my tweet over the weekend after he made this confession on Tuesday. Tell me one song you have on iTunes that you'd be mortified to reveal publicly.

I'll go first: Ashlee Simpson, "Pieces of Me.

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Oklahoma State punter Zach Sinor would like Heisman consideration and we're sold. The Oklahoma State punter is pushing himself for Heisman. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: Four minutes in, Jake Roberts unleashes his snake on Randy Savage and all hell breaks loose.

Classic old-school WWF moment. Their metaphors were so deep. May our tickets be green. Jump on his game. Massive over 130k odds. That is a winning ticket.

increase rapidly the new york times

A resume is a document, used to apply for jobs, which includes descriptions of your education, experience, skills, and accomplishments.