Research paper on a british poet

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research paper on a british poet

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Get your research paper written by a professional writer.The hand that held my wrist Was battered on one knuckle; At every step you In the poem, she tells she is ready to overcome anything with her self-esteem. She shows how nothing can bring her down. Cummings's "I Carry Your Heart with Me," often described as one of the most talked about love poems of the modern times, was first published in In this poem, Cummings focuses on the power and unity of love, and how love connects not just two individuals but also the world at large.

I Carry Your Heart with H Auden's "Funeral Blues," written inillustrates a funeral scenario where the speaker expresses his sadness over the loss of a loved one, and the respect and silence that was present, followed by past memories.

The speaker ends the poem with how nothing matters to him anymore, as nothing can take him back to the past. Funeral Blues BY In her poem "Success is Counted Sweetest," published inEmily Dickinson uses great images of a winning army and a dying soldier to illustrate that only those who have experienced defeat can understand and acknowledge the real value of success, and people require privation to fully appreciate something.

However, the poem was written in conjunction with a letter the writer sent to her brother pleading him to come back home.

She would give anything for him to come back. There is another sky BY Appearing in one of his first collections Death of a Naturalist inthe poem divulges into a depiction of a picturesque contrast between the poet and his forefathers and enacts the act of delving itself.

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Three World War I Poems

Get professional writing assistance from our partner. Click to learn more. Your e-mail goes here. Your Password goes here. Your password goes here.In her poem, she alludes to our unpreparedness and how little we think about and anticipates death.

She embodies death in the poem by expressing […]. Since the Grecian times, poems have been a very integral and influential part of every culture. Poems have affected whole countries at a time by expressing emotion, deep feelings, and a sense of what is beautiful about the world. From India to America, people have always drawn important parts of life and history from poems. Written duringLondon Blitz, Sitwell poem ponders the anguish of humankind and the deliverance of the soul in what came to be termed as the harbinger of Sitwell conversion to Catholicism.

In this poem, […]. For Gwendolyn Brooks, writing poetry that would be considered out of the ordinary and frowned upon was a common theme for her. Her widespread knowledge on subjects like race, ethnicity, gender, and even abortion placed this African American poet apart from many others. Like many poets, Brooks based many of her works on her own […]. Billy Collins brings vivid imagery of things and depicting scenes through his words. Which connects reader to their own life and engages readers constantly.

His works reflect great sense of humor, heartfelt, a moral knowledge, emotionally driven, which he gained from his mother. He is the most popular poet in America. He was the U.

He began to write poetry at age twelve and joined a magazine at school to help refine his literary skills. His works reflects great sense of humor, heartfelt, a moral knowledge, emotionally driven which he gained from his mother. Although Sappho and Catullus lived and worked in different time periods, their ideas on romantic rejection suggest each were victims of unrequited love. Both wrote about their cultural environment of where they lived, their ideas of society, its expectations and inequalities for both women and men as well as their different representations of love.

Poem Samples

They […]. I would like to focus on the American Modernism seen in poetry through pieces work of by Robert Frost. There is one thing I noticed when reading these types of writings that really stand out as the important theme and that is questions or things that have to do with the world and the way […]. It is only in his elder years he realizes that the decision he made was of such significance.

During the late 19th century into the 20th century, the world went through many momentous events, such as two World Wars and the Great Depression. Robert Frost was the one of the most famous poets of the 20th century. He lived during a time when America and the world were experiencing events that changed the […]. The language applied to this poem focuses on comparison, giving it a more philosophical tone rather than informative or persuasion.

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Langston Hughes invites the reader to […]. The period of the Harlem Renaissance was a time of great change and exploration for American culture, specifically African Americans. Early in the twentieth century, African Americans were exploring their cultural and social roots Harlem. Hughes more […].

Authors employ different approaches to ensure that the message conveyed in their text reaches the target audience in the best manner possible. Poems serve as an interesting way that a writer can communicate the text.

It is evident that epic poems had strong messages and their glory remains through generations. Odyssey serves as one of […]. Sort by. Ancient Greece Modern Comparison Project Since the Grecian times, poems have been a very integral and influential part of every culture. The Mother and Abortion For Gwendolyn Brooks, writing poetry that would be considered out of the ordinary and frowned upon was a common theme for her.

Billy Collins the U.From one contribution to another, the rebellion between the poetic styles is evident. Early Elizabethan and Jacobean poetry demonstrates the love that mankind shares and the universal truths that the people of that time held so dear.

On through the neoclassical and romantic eras, the style becomes centered. In a conventional class your teacher would have discussed your assignment with you, pointed out what made a good essay and what a bad one.

We have done exactly the same thing in Unit 52 of the Thereafter decide upon a topic, i. You may, if you wish, select a topic from the list given in The history of English poetry stretches from the middle of the 7th century to the present day.

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Over this period, English poets have written some of the most enduring poems in Western culture, and the language and its poetry have spread around the globe. Consequently, the term English poetry is unavoidably ambiguous. It can mean poetry written in England, or poetry written in the English language. The earliest surviving poetry was likely transmitted orally and then written down in versions that do. British romantic poetry was remarkable for a myriad of reasons.

Not only did it vouch for a focus on nature in literature, but also showed an increased interest in both the emotion of the average person, and a heightened esteem for imagination as well as the wonder and amazement that accompanied children.

research paper on a british poet

Of course, it showed a darker side of the world as well, with some of the more distinguished writers focusing on the poor and how they lived. Stylistically, there was also a clear influence from. How does British Romantic Poetry interpret the role of the child? The inclusion of childhood in the poetic work of Wordsworth, Blake, and Rousseau defined how children were robbed of their youth.

All three British Romantic poets, held beliefs that children were of nature; pure and perfectly made. In the same way, Romantics advocated the belief that. The Impact of Childhood on British Romantic Poetry How did changing ideas in regard to childhood shape the newly developing Romantic style in poetry and literature? During the 19th century, the subject of childhood sparked debate among society Metz. According to popular Enlightenment thinkers of the age, and a majority of society, youth had been considered as essentially just smaller versions of adults.

That is to say, children were seen as young adults that simply lacked life experience, but. Written in short, straight-to-the-point verses, cavalier poetry was casual and focused on witty commentary, eroticism, and the beauty of love and courtship.

With this came straight forward and somewhat unequivocal imagery. One famous poet of this time was Ben Jonson. Jonson lived a simplistic life. Just in reaching the above conclusion, a problem arises that all poets, not just Whitman, face when trying to conform to this style.

This problem is that all of these rules are cumbersome. It is difficult for a poet to convey the theme of a poem when he or she is concerned with whether or not each word fits into a designated formal pattern. Yet, some would argue that this is what makes poetry such an elegant art form.

Surely, Whitman.Perhaps, professors think that they simplify the task when allowing their students to choose a literature research paper topic by themselves. Well, if they indeed do, they are wrong. Usually, a student gets perplexed and even shocked by a variety of options. Fortunately, there are services like ours that are always ready to give a hand in a troublesome situation.

What topic should you give preference to? You may compile a lengthy list of British literature research paper topics but it may be still hard for you to pick an appropriate one if they are constructed in a wrong way. You should pay attention to compelling themes that are expressed in a clear and concise manner.

Usually those studying at colleges and high schools are supposed to produce research papers on various British literature research paper topics. Though there is a large number of subjects to select from, many students still doubt about which to create a paper on. If you also encounter difficulties in picking a subject for you work, consider the British lit research paper topics given below:.

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research paper on a british poet

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My final paper was so interesting and covered so many perspectives. It was very impressive. Better still, I got a great grade for it. Many thanks. Type of assignment.A senior research paper on British literature may sound like a daunting task. There are so many topics to choose from that it's hard to know where to begin.

In British literature, you have more than a thousand years of written material to choose from for a paper. The quickest way to get a handle on things is to break the subject up into smaller parts. Fortunately, most literary paper topics can be organized into several broad categories.

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After that, choose an area of interest - a time period, person, or an event - and construct a thesis that answers some question related to that interest.

The status of different cultures in society is a ripe topic for discussion. Literature often brings to light difficult issues like racial inequality that ordinarily aren't discussed. Britain's history includes numerous conquests and rule of several foreign lands.

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The native cultures of these colonies responded to British rule in various ways. Both British and colonial authors have expressed their situations through literature. A number of quality research papers could be produced through an investigation of how Britain's literature and its colonizing past interact. The status of women in British society has changed a great deal through the ages.

British Literature & Senior Paper Topics for a Research Paper

Literature by women or about women can be reveal the development of these changes. You can ask the same questions about men that you do about women. An example of a simple topic might be "What does it mean to be a man or a woman during this time period? British literature frequently examines the workings of class within society. Charles Dickens provides a good example.

The lower classes struggle upward, middle classes rub elbows with aristocrats, and the poorest citizens are often forgotten. A research paper might examine how a particular author views the class structure of Britain in a particular period.

Some might celebrate the status quo, while others might call for change. Writers in Great Britain have long grappled with what it means to be British. The country has a varied history, transforming from barbarian frontier to world empire in a relatively short span of time. Whether they realize it or not, every British writer in some way formulates their own definition of what it means to be British.

Poets and Poetry

If you don't want to focus on the content of British literature, you can instead look at the form and style. The different kinds of literature, such as poetry, fiction, and drama, have histories all their own. Each genre is suited to achieving a certain goal, and each was the preferred method of expression during a particular period in British history.

A research paper could discuss how the "rules" of poetry have evolved, or the invention of the novel. This approach allows a great deal of creative latitude, but it may also require more research to build an effective argument. After choosing a broad topic, you have to do some preliminary research. It helps to narrow the material down to a single author, or a single book by that author.

On the other hand, you might compare how two authors approach the same issue. As you read, write down the questions that come into your mind. Make a short list of the questions that interest you the most and are the best candidates for a research paper. Distill your question into a single coherent statement that your paper will address.Allen Ginsberg - Allen Ginsberg essays examines an influential poet, and looks at a few of his poems, Howl, Kaddish, and Sunflower Sutra.

Anne Bradstreet - Anne Bradstreet essays look at the life of this puritan woman, and how her literary pieces explore it. Carl Sandburg - Carl Sandburg essays examine the works of an American poet known for his biography of Abraham Lincoln. Charles Baudelaire - Charles Baudelaire essays look at this modern poet as the father of modern criticism.

Dantes Inferno - Dantes Inferno essays examine the first part from Dante's poem "The Inferno" that describes the poet's allegorical journey through the nine circles of Hell. Cummings Poems - E. Cummings poems essays discuss E. Cummings' poetry and examine his poetic influences. Cummings - E. Cummings essays look at this poets life, and a few of his poems and their meaning. Emily Dickinson - Emily Dickinson essays discuss the solitary life of the poet and her main works. English Poetry - English poetry essays examine the english poetry that dates back to the very beginnings of England as a nation, during the Early Middle Ages.

George Herbert - Essays on George Herbert look into the works and career of the Welsh poet and priest in the Anglican church. Giovanni Boccaccio - Giovanni Boccaccio essays look into the Italian Renaissance writer and poet, best known for the Decameron. In Just E. Cummings - In Just E. Cummings essays discuss the style and meaning of E. Cummings' most famous poem. Joy Harjo - Joy Harjo essays look at this Native American poets life, and writings of the anguish of her people. Langston Hughes: Poems and Plays - Langston Hughes: poems and plays essays discuss an author that had a major contribution during the Harlem Renaissance.

Langston Hughes - Essays on Langston Hughes look into the American poet and writer who wasone of the leading voices of the Harlem Renaissance in the s.

research paper on a british poet

Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Lawrence Ferlinghetti research papers examine the life of the poet, painter, and social activist, that greatly impacted the city of San Francisco. Cummings' most noteworthy love poems. Lyric Poetry - Essays on lyric poetry discuss a certain type of poetry or verse writing. Oscar Wilde Plays - Oscar Wilde plays essays examine the plays of one of the most celebrated London playwrights of the s. Oscar Wilde Poems - An essay on Oscar Wilde poems discuss his literary career and examine the popularity of his poetry.

Oscar Wilde - Oscar Wilde essays discuss the literary career of Irish born playwright and most celebrated author in s London, Oscar Wilde.

Petrarch - Petrarch essays look into the life of the earliest humanists and major figure in the development of the Italian Renaissance. Poems About Death - Poems about death essays look into one of the most frequently explored themes in poetry. Poetic Elements - Research papers on poetic elements analyze the basic elements found when reading poetry.

Poetry Meter - Essays on poetry meter discuss the basic rhythmic structure of verses in poetry. Poetry - Essays on poetry discuss different types of poetry and look at the elements used by famous poets such as Shakespeare. Robert Lowell - Essays on Robert Lowell report on the American poet whose works mythologized New England, but later developed into confessional poetry.

Rudyard Kipling - Rudyard Kipling essays discuss one of the most profound political poets in the nineteenth century.